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The Definitive Industry Forum for Preclinical & Clinical Scientists
Optimizing Incretin Poly-Pharmacy

With the recent success of Wegovy and Mournjaro, coupled with the ongoing surge in M&A activity and substantial reinvestment in expanding manufacturing sites, the momentum in obesity drug development remains relentless.

Covering everything from target validation and proof of concept to clinical outcomes and market opportunity, the 2nd Obesity & Weight Loss Drug Development Summit is the only conference with a focused perspective on industry decisions and solutions essential for delivering more tolerable and sustainable oral or injectable weight loss therapies. 

From GLP-1RAs to triple GIP, GLP-1, and glucagon receptor agonists, with a focus on targeting mechanisms outside of appetite suppression, preserving lean muscle mass, and future combination rationale, this summit bring together 80+ experts in obesity and weight loss from biotech, pharma and venture capital. Together, they aim to accelerate the development of the next generation of longer-lasting weight loss drugs.

Featuring 17 World-Class Speakers

What Have Your Peers Said?

‘’The quality of the presenters was excellent, especially the companies that were represented and the seniority of those individuals.’’

CMO, Altimmune

‘’The presentations were very informative, cutting edge and "timely", representing the current state of R&D in the Obesity field.’’

Chief Scientific Officer, Mitotherapeutix

“The quality of the speakers and the subject matter was outstanding. The attendees were very interactive, and discussions in the meeting and during the breaks were excellent.’’

Chief Scientific Officer, Cyta Therapeutics

Who You’ll Meet in the Room

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